Make Money
Change the World?
Models of Impact (Good business) — social entrepreneurship workshop and business game

First, participants learn about cases: business and impact models from all over the world.

Then, they practice in creating their own.

With fun.
For Students

You can get inspired by what's possible using social entreprenership tools
For Entrepreneurs

You can work out new ideas of revenue models, understand your social impact, become more efficient
For NGOs

You can adopt a social entrepreneurship approach to test new revenue/fundraising models to become more sustainable.
For Corporations

You can increase the activity of employees, develop initiative and creativity. To be the best team.
The workshop and the game is based on Models of Impact Toolkit developed by Matthew Manos
Successfully held 50 events in 10 cities
Around 1000 people total attended. Now it's your turn
What's inside?
  • Business model ingridients
    Participants will learn about ingredients of sustainable business models, revenue and impact models
  • Cases
    Good examples of social entrepreneurship from Europe, America and Asia
  • Idea generation
    During the game participants create new ideas of social entrepreneurship and put business models on paper
  • Pitch and vote
    Participants share the results and vote for the best model — it remains to make a life test
From 10 to 50 participants

Ideal is 20—30
From 2 to 7 teams

Participants play in teams that can be formed right on site
About 3,5 hours

Online or Offline format.
Coffee break included
This workshop is perfect on it's own but fits nice into some larger education program as well
Let's play together
I decided to make this workshop because I want to increase the number of people who make the world a better and more sustainable place
Grigory Martishin
Who we are
  • Grigory Martishin
    Models of Impact Ambassador, the Facilitator

    Riga, Latvia
  • Matthew Manos
    Models of Impact Author

    LA, USA
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